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When I started my career in software in the seventies it was out of any software engineering consideration to size up the volume of the software. The first attempts at sizing software was the function point of Alan Albrecht which started to appear in some laboratories but much more often the programming workers, like media people still nowadays, were using the "Source Lines of Code" (SLOC). Since that time the methods of measurement have evolved hence accessing the functionality of the software. We became closer to what the software was supposed to be doing for its user: its functionality. This was the main advantage of methods such as IFPUG and now COSMIC which are capturing the functionality of the software. We can observe the emergence of a new era where these sophisticated measurement methods are started to be handled by Artificial Intelligence in order to perfect their roles in software project estimation, for example.

So here we are trying to package our knowledge to make it accessible and available to students and professionals alike.


(UK Measure Its Software).

UKMIS is a virtual Chat-Room distributed over three of the main communication networks. In UKMIS we welcome all our peers and/or students in software metrics and related topics. This enables us to choose the network we feel more comfortable with. Each UKMIS is implemented on a 'Closed Group' setting; UKMIS is administered on the basic policy that we are interested in software metrics and desire to discuss our ideas freely, openly, kindly without being distracted by the general run of Internet sympathizers.
Membership to the UKMIS is by invitation or proposition to the administrator.
My accounts hosted by Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are the 'Lobbies' of their respective UKMIS. Their access is mostly free.

UKMIS on Facebook

What we do on Facebook:

The 'lobby' of UKMIS in Facebook is my account Facebook. You can first becomes Friend to this account whilst being present in the Lobby.
The Reception Desk of the Chat-Room UKMIS can be activated from 'Home' and tapping UKMIS on the left column.
Then the Entry ceremonial will proceed.

UKMIS on Twitter

What we do on Twitter:

The 'lobby' of UKMIS on Twitter is my Twitter account (@telmaco). It is indicated for software metrics professionals and students who have a preference for short textual announcements and/ or interactions.
The first step is to become a 'Follower' by joining me on @telmaco
Once in the 'Lobby', reach the Reception Desk UKMIS-on-Twitter which is hiding behind the Message Icon. Then, register your Entry to the UKMIS chat-Room.

UKMIS on WhatsApp

What we do on WhatsApp:

Le 'Lobby' of UKMIS on WhatsApp is my mobile phone number, once there, whatsapp me to request a Link. Activate the Link and you are in the Group UKMIS ready to share ideas, comments, and argument in the discussion in progress. You can also get WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop by tapping WhatsApp and to follow instructions.

The Legal Matters

What are we trying to achieve?

A free UK focus of professionals and students interested in software metrics and its related applications by sharing experiences, knowledge, and ideas.

Where do we do it?

The activity is distributed from this site (domain: telmaco.com) and over Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This also include a distributed 'chat-room' UKMIS standing for "UK Measure Its Software" structured as 'closed group' in order to avoid specialist discussions being distracted by the natural social impetus.

About Job

  • Telmaco is not an employer then it is not offering any job.
  • Telmaco and/or Bernard Londeix is not looking for any employment or any commercial activity.

About Me

Bernard Londeix

Bernard Londeix

is the sole author of this website
is morally supported by Telmaco Ltd

Telmaco is:

  • a 'dormant' company with no capital, no revenue, and no expense;
  • registered in England (CN: 3738369), and;
  • hosted by 1&1 Internet Ltd. 154 Southgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2EX, UK.

The Website

I am operating this website and the distributed UKMIS group for the purpose of assembling in a single communication system an experience in the measurement of the quantity of software through its functionality.

  • The topics discussed here concern software measurement and its application;
  • People involved here are professional or student in software metrics and directly related matters;
  • All activities involved in this site and in UKMIS are benevolent and free from commercial interest;
  • Information collected in-here is in the public domain;
  • This web site does not collect, process, and distribute cookies;
  • This site is not related to any political party or pressure group, and;
  • GDPR: This site does not collect, and/or maintain any Personal Data.

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