The COSMIC-DevOps Group


10/02/2019: Announcement

This Core-Group was announced to the COSMIC-SIG by an email to those present at its ninth meeting.

The Study-Group "COSMIC-DevOps"

During the four months, starting 10/02/2019, I am launching the Study COSMIC-DevOps group. I see it as a group of about four to five people to which you can join or propose participants from your organisation. It should be operational after a fine-tuning Review on the 10/06/2019.

It is intended that this group will be confederated to the UK COSMIC SIG as a Core-Group.

Structure of the Study Group
COSMIC-DevOps will have the following characteristics:
  • The Constitution of this group is by Mutual Consent on a benevolent basis for a renewable time-period of one year;
  • Members of this Core-Group can benevolently be committed to an average of 2 hours a week;
  • This Core-Group must be seen as a Center of COSMIC Expertise by the UK software industry;
  • The Core-Group has a self-assigned work objective. The objective currently retained is "Revisiting the DevOps methodology while integrating the COSMIC method and its derivatives to the successive DevOps stages from requirements elicitation, coding, testing, to end-user assessment." or any variant of this as discussed within the Core-Group;
  • The Deliverables of the Core-Group will be simple, short, sharply-documented recommendation procedures directly useful in the Field;
  • This Core-Group may contribute to the UK COSMIC SIG meetings;
  • This Core-Group will have a monthly group meeting (i.e. Skype, Zoom, etc.) for carrying out the above work assignment and this being further to short ad hoc communication, the rest of the time for team work;
  • Any (intermediary) conclusion or deliverable from the Core-Group will be SocMed communicated to the 'software public' with the intention of triggering open discussions which will hopefully result in relationships and collaboration with COSMIC SIG.

Initial Schedule

The launch period:
Publicised: 10/02/201
First review of the Launch: 10/06/2019

Latest news from the Study-Group

The intended description of the COSMIC-DevOps group is given on this page. Please read it and if you think you would like to contribute to this project you can contact me on my Metrics Facebook Group.