The COSMIC Group with Bernard Londeix
Dedicated to the COSMIC Method

The COSMIC Group was started in 1998 as a special interest group which became a group of global interest whilst developing what is now known as the COSMIC method. This is the most advanced method of measuring a functional size of software applicable to business, real-time and infrastructure software. It is easy to learn and simple to use. The method is entirely 'open'; all method documentation is available in the public domain for free download.


The manuals

This section is still in development - This will list the manuals to which I have contributed and those of frequent use.


Official Files

This section is still in development - It is intended to list the minutes and information notes published by the meetings.



This section is still in development It will include the new planning elements of the COSMIC Group elaborated by the New Vision 2019 which are relevant for Telmaco purposes.