Introduction to the UK COSMIC-SIG

The UK COSMIC-SIG is a Special Interest Group created on 10th April 2014. Its purpose is to focus the dispersion and discussion of, information, skills, and talents concerning software measurement techniques and methods and more particularly, the COSMIC Method in the UK. The membership of the UK COSMIC-SIG is open to software professionals and students; it is supported and controlled by its members as per their agenda during their twice yearly meetings.



08/02/2019 -

Meeting #9

Special meeting of the UK COSMIC SIG hosted by UCL, Gower Street, London.
A group of known COSMIC-method supporters have been invited to discuss views on the future of the COSMIC organization. Presentations on the status of software metrics and more particularly, of the COSMIC measurement method, were given.

To view the COSMIC Status document tap here

07/06/2018 -

Meeting #8

The 8th COSMIC SIG meeting was hosted by UCL on the 7th June 2018 in London. Charles Symons introduced the next COSMIC conference and the status of the COSMIC method's deployment. COSMIC is now mature and stable; it is very much in favour in China ( ). It is more and more integrated with Agile methods, and even talked about for Agile-at-scale.

To view the Introduction from Harvard to Agile-at-scale tap here

05/05/2017 -

Meeting #7

The COSMIC-SIG invites the Members to a FREE Introductory Seminar "The COSMIC method of software sizing and its uses for project estimating". It was led by Charles Symons, COSMIC MPC Chairman. Main topics addressed were, Measurement of software sizes and their uses for estimating, project scope control, using COSMIC FSM in Agile projects, evidences of success, and supporting documentation.

To view the introduction to COSMIC tap here

21/10/2016 -

Meeting #6

Kindly hosted by UCL Gower street, London, the UK COSMIC SIG offered a series of presentations of very high interest from Prof. Harman (UCL), Prof. Abran (COSMIC), A. Langridge (Price Systems UK), Dr F. Sarro (UCL)and others which all covered the problems of estimation of size or project at a variable degree. Some have more caught my attention such as "Estimating for mixed new/re-use projects over the life-cycle'" of Aveek Dasgupta (SITA), and "Multi-objective software effort estimation" by Dr F. Sarro (UCL). However a few other intervention were also very appropriate.

To view the Paper from Dr F. Sarro tap here

21/04/2016 -

Meeting #5

This fifth UK COSMIC SIG was hosted by SITA, Blyth Road, Hayes, and started by "Introduction to the COSMIC method and its use to estimate and control Agile projects'" by Charles Symons. This was followed by interventions from Sananathan Rojagopal (MoD), Mark James (CAST) mostly about cost assurance and quality. Then Federica Sarro presented the latest researches at UCL in this domain.

To view the introduction to COSMIC Agile tap here

16/10/2015 -

Meeting #4

Hosted by HMRC Euston Tower, London, this fourth meeting's strong events were the introduction of the joint "COSMIC/IFPUG Glossary of NFR terms". This Glossary which includes a new definition and classification scheme for NFR is now published. This was also the start of conversion work between the first generation measurement methods MkII FPA, COSMIC, and IFPUG.

To view the notes of the meeting tap here

17/04/2015 -

Meeting #3

Feedback from the progress of the COSMIC Measurement Practices Committee. Also progress on the joint COSMIC/IFPUG development of a standard glossary of terms for Non-functional and Project requirements. Experience of HMRC's transfer from MkII FPA to COSMIC. Reports from SITA and Price Systems.

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17/10/2014 -

Meeting #2

After the feedback from the COSMIC Annual meeting in Rotterdam the use of COSMIC in Agile projects were presented concluding with the need for more benchmarking of Agile based COSMIC measured projects.

To view the meeting's notes tap here

10/04/2014 -

Meeting #1

The first meeting of the SIG was an opportunity for Charles Symons to give the participants general news from the COSMIC Group and address questions in relations to other methods.

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This section provides a list of the documents produced by the meetings. They are mainly documents deposited by the members supporting the UK COSMIC-SIG. With thanks.


08/02/2019 -


The document provided to Meeting #9, authored by Charles Symons, provides a description of the current general status of COSMIC, analyses the situation and offers some searching questions aiming at identifying its future.

To view the Status tap here.

05/05/2017 -

Introduction to COSMIC

This short tutorial was provided to Meeting #7, authored by Charles Symons, gives a description of a number of aspects of the method which could have a critical impact on the quality of the measure.

To view the introduction of the COSMIC Method tap here.

31/03/2019 -

More to come . . .

This page is still in development. We have many more elements of UK COSMIC-SIG's production to add to this section.

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