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Your Question: How can I better my Function Point experience with a view to improving software design ability?

Bernard Londeix

Bernard Londeix

invites you to find out in his website which professional activity could help you in functional sizing and project estimation.
The purpose on this website, supported by Telmaco, is the promotion of best practices for software project measurement and estimation. This is currently done on this site by letting you know the main initiatives taken by the best UK companies in this field. Software metrics study groups we know of will be mentioned and more particularly the Study Group COSMIC-DevOps that I am launching at the moment.

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The Software Cost Estimation Summit is jointly organized on the 9-10th November 2021 by COSMIC and Nesma. It will take place physically in the Netherlands (Haarlem), but will also be broadcasted on-line. So you will have an attendance choice of sharing the field Leaders' insights and experience in Software Cost Estimation.
For more about the SCES'21 tap on Nesma

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08/02/2019 - Meeting #9

Special meeting of the UK COSMIC SIG at UCL, Gower Street, London.
A group of known COSMIC-method supporters have been invited to discuss views on the future of the COSMIC organization. Presentations on the status of software metrics and more particularly, of the COSMIC measurement method, will be given.

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For the previous meeting join us in page COSMIC-SIG Meetings.

Official COSMIC site

To reach the official website of the COSMIC Group tap on COSMIC Functional Sizing. This is the place to go for up to date and complete information from the COSMIC Group.


This page includes information related to my relationship with the COSMIC Group supporting specific activities of the work in progress.

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Group COSMIC-DevOps

The group COSMIC-DevOps is a Study Group currently launched to become able to study the introduction of COSMIC software measurement method within the DevOps life cycle.