The COSMIC Group with Bernard Londeix
Dedicated to the COSMIC Method

The COSMIC Group was started in 1998 as a special interest group which became a group of global interest whilst developing what is now known as the COSMIC method of functional sizing. This is the most advanced method of measuring a functional size of software applicable to business, real-time and infrastructure software. It is easy to learn and simple to use. The COSMIC Functional Sizing method is entirely 'open'; all method documentation is available in the public domain for free download.


COSMIC Manual V. 5.00

The new COSMIC Measurement Manual is made up of three Parts each describing a particular aspect of the Method. They are freely downloadable from the web site of COSMIC Functional Sizing.

Part 1: Principles, Definitions and Rules.
This Part states the Principles, Definitions and Rules of the COSMIC Method as well as the COSMIC measurement process.

To view the Principles, Definitions and Rules tap here.

Part 2: Guidelines.
This document is to provide guidance to the practitioners for the application of the COSMIC ISO 19761 Function Points standard presented in Part 1.

To view the guidelines tap here.

Part 3: Examples.
This is an introduction to the large number of examples of Functional User Requirements (FUR) which are documented as COSMIC Case studies freely available at COSMIC Functional Sizing.

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10/02/2020 -

To AGM 2020

The COSMIC group typically organizes its Annual Meeting during the IWSM-MENSURA conference.
An exception for this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemia the COSMIC Annual meeting will be held virtually a few days after that conference, and more precisely on 6th November 2020 starting at 11:00 AM America/Toronto time.
Attendance is subject to a Zoom invitation. For more details contact Jean-Marc


10/02/2020 -


This year the conference will be 100% virtual and free of charge. It is an important opportunity for professionals, researchers and students, to be able to have an approach to the newest topics in relation to software measurement and estimation. Registration is now open. For more information tap here

For the Conference's CFP tap here

07/10/2019 -

AGM 2019

The Annual Meeting of the COSMIC Group took place in Haarlem (Netherlands) on the 7th October 2019 during the IWMS-MENSURA Conference. The annual meeting itself was focused on the core interest of the Group as a number of COSMIC committee meetings were previously held concerning the MPC committee, Market development, Awards committee, and other item of particular technical interests.

To view the Chairman's introduction tap here. For the minutes tap here

NEW VISION 2019/2020


31/03/2020 -


is announced

As announced on the 31st March 2020, the version 4.0.2 of the COSMIC Measurement Manual has now been re-structured and re-formatted, still preserving its substance, into three parts. The first part states the Principles, Definitions and Rules of COSMIC, the second offers guidances helping the interpretation of the rules, and the third provides examples of measurements.
It is freely downloadable from the web site of COSMIC Functional Sizing or visit the section MANUALS
To see the Announcement from Alain Abran tap here

To view the information letter tap here.
To view the review process tap here

26/01/2020 -

'Push' Team

Colin Hammond notes with Jayakumar, Frank and Charles that the website does not rank well in the search engines (compared to other similar subjects) and it is quite hard for new visitors to learn incrementally about the methodology, it's use, validity etc. So Colin and his Team propose 3 immediate actions:

  1. Adopting a standard COSMIC appellation: COSMIC Functional Sizing
  2. Keeping the COSMIC use of up to date, and;
  3. Calling for supporting suggestions from the Group.
The Group needed such a wellcome 'pushing' initiative. Thanks Colin!

To view Colin's Call for the Push team tap here.


A free copy of the Software measurement Manifesto was distributed during the Annual COSMIC Meeting with the intention of gathering coments.

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