Other Measurement Initiatives

Study-Group in Progress

Study-Group COSMIC-DevOps

We are launching a study-group for the purpose of better understanding the use of the COSMIC software measurement method with the DevOps methodology. More on . . .


Meeting #x

Files: - It is intended to list the minutes, information notes published and produced documents made available by the meetings.


It is intended to make available in this section a collection of documents, tools, and user guide necessary for carrying out software sizing and estimating for the software engineer.


10/08/2020 -

The Fruit of the Lock Down

This is a new 'Guide to Software Size Measurement' better presented by its author.
"The Guide is aimed at the many software professionals who nowadays do not seem to be aware of the uses and value of measuring software sizes . . . . Its style is more informal than that of the COSMIC standard definitions, i.e. the 'Measurement Manuals', with much more practical advice, including for example sections on approximate size measurement, benchmarking and estimating. I found, when writing the Guide for the purpose of self-teaching, that the measurement process could be more simply explained than we have done in the past. To support self-teaching, I also added a chapter with a large number of Exercises and two new mini case-studies for the reader to test understanding." (Charles Symons, 10/08/2020)

To download the Guide tap here.

12/04/2012 -

The Simple Oven

In this paper, "The Simple Oven", I am presenting in parallel the Z functional specification of a piece of software of a small oven and the COSMIC measurement of the same software. Both approaches, COSMIC and Z, are intended to be concerned with the functionality of the piece of software. The functional specification ensures that the functionality is rigorously defined while the COSMIC measurement ensures that the quantity of functionality of this software is also rigorously measured.
It is intended to show on a simple example, that with COSMIC and Z, a software requirement can be simultaneously specified for better quality of the resulting product and measured for an increased cost/time prediction of its realisation.

To download the story of the "The Simple Oven" tap here.